Facebook: Metrics Matter!

Facebook Analytics 101

When you ignore the metrics that matter, you’re throwing time and money away!

The world of Facebook analytics is vast and chaotic, and it’s easy to get lost looking for diamonds in the endless rough. In this class, you’ll go through the general navigation of Facebook analytics. Beginning with learning what data to mine and what to ignore, you’ll find out what all the data means as well as what data is useful and what is fluff. Once you’ve harvested your valuable data, you’ll learn how to translate those numbers into actionable strategy that will boost your reach and increase your traffic.


  • Learn the basics of Facebook analytics
  • Find out how to read the data you are obtaining, and discover what that data means
  • Discover how to take the knowledge you gain from your data and use it to increase traffic to your site

Please bring you laptop. It is not a requirement but you will get more out of the class if you bring one.