VWBC 2015!

Posted on November 19, 2015

I am so glad to meet so many women (and men) in business who have come out to learn, to share and to grow. I hope we get a chance to connect again in the future and till then here is a bit about me and why I do what I do.


As far back as I can remember people have been telling me to work less, have more fun and relax. The problem with that advice is I love what I do and I absolutely love doing it with great passion and intensity. Maybe it is genetic, I saw my father work hard and long and for a while I thought it was a generational work ethic. However, I can now see that there is a love and a passion that comes with doing what is innate. Especially when what you are accomplishing is something near and dear to your life.

I am not taking away the value of a break or having fun outside of work but there are some of us that genuinely enjoy pursuing our dreams, feel energized by our work and see happiness in our accomplishments. I also acknowledge that I do know the feeling of being overwhelmed and tired and we all need to find our capacity limit. However I think the road to success begins with finding the perfect vocation. Work that doesn’t feel like work.

People have often asked me how I discovered what I love to do and here is what I say.

Ask yourself this, “What is your greatest gift? What can you do better than anyone else you know?”. This may not be a job but a skill or talent. Somewhere in that answer is your first clue to finding your happy place.

Secondly ask yourself, “If money was no object what would you genuinely want to do with your time and energy?” This is the second clue.

Somewhere in the crossroads of what your strength is and what your passion is lies an employment opportunity that makes sense for your life. Once you discover the work that you were meant to do you will find your pursuit of happiness. Then all of a sudden the stress that once caused inaction in your life will energize you to work more.

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