When Life pushes you to the limit…. Dig In and Let Go…

Posted on September 19, 2015


When I was studying in college (some random class) I remember learning about how materials have stress points. If you push any material past this point and it becomes nonfunctional or it breaks apart. People also have stress points, however, ours function in a more complex way. Each of us have a fight or flight response and even the most level headed person when pushed too far will lose their cool. Our relationship with stress is variable and dynamic, we can’t predict what our breaking point is in any particular scenario and in some cases stress can actually energize and strengthen us.

When I was building my business for example I learned that a competitor was looking at a target market in the same area. Although initially I felt anxiety it spurred me to work harder and faster and I found it to be an energizing factor.

So how do we turn these breaking points in business into energizing factors?

  1. If the present is stressful put your focus on the future. Remind yourself this moment is temporary, that you are resilient and strong and that with determination this will pass. If your financial picture is weak, develop a growth plan for the future.
  2. If your future is uncertain and stressful and it is pushing you to a breaking point. Focus on today. If you are worried you are going to lose a client, focus on now. You have options, agreements to renegotiate and new fish to fry.
  3. If you are still stressed out and reaching a breaking point, develop a contingency plan. I am not an advocate for mindless positive thinking nor am I suggesting that by putting words on paper that your problems will disappear but you do need to make a plan. Ask yourself, “If things take a turn for the worse what will I do?” When you have an “in case of emergency plan” you can worry less about what may happen and get back to your life.

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